“DIY-Diagnosis” – Are You Risking Your Health?

“DIY-Diagnosis” – Are You Risking Your Health?

Of those surveyed online, over three quarters(78%) have sought medical advice from the internet when they required a diagnosis,whilst 10% have turned to their devices to use a health app.

Worryingly, more than two in five (43%) admitted they have used pain relief medication not prescribed for them after self-diagnosing.

These statistics reflect the increasing shift towards patients going online for medical advice. Using an online symptom checker, health app or just searching the internet is a convenient option for those with a health problem.

However, there are significant risks with self-diagnosis. These include reading misleading information online and thinking you have a different problem to the one you actually have. This can in turn lead to people buying the wrong over-the- counter medicines which then fail to treat the problem, or even make it worse.

Borrowing and using medicines not prescribed for you can be very risky as they may interact badly with other medicines you are taking or trigger an allergic reaction.

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