Beat the Monday Blues

Beat the Monday Blues

January is often known to be the gloomiest month of the year and it is easy to see why – New Year’s resolutions that were set have already been broken, bills over the Christmas period are now due and not forgetting that January is cold, dark, and dreary. 

To combat Blue Monday and to kick these 'January Blues', TV personality, Carol Vorderman, has devised a January happiness formula to help Brits feel happier when they are feeling blue this month.

Sunshine + Laughter + Social + Comfort + Kindness + Encouragement – Stress - Cost = Happiness

As well as this happiness formula, finding a ten pound note in an old pair of jeans, getting into bed with freshly washed sheets and getting a nice message from a loved one are some of the little things that make Brits happy, new research has revealed. 

Research commissioned by Heathrow Express reveals that going on holiday is the number 1 thing that puts a smile on the faces of Brits, as well as getting something for free; getting a promotion at work and going to the pub with friends are all in the top 20. To ensure its passengers are feeling some happiness on the most depressing day of the year, Heathrow Express is offering free travel to the airport at certain times today.

The survey also revealed that those polled, 42% listen to music when they are feeling sad, over a third (37%) call or text their partners when they need cheering up, and some of us eat comfort food, which has been proven to lift our mood.

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