Dell Ships First Recycled Ocean Plastics Packaging In Its Industry

Dell Ships First Recycled Ocean Plastics Packaging In Its Industry

World Ocean Summit, Bali, Indonesia − Dell announces the technology industry’s first shipment of ocean plastics packaging, the result of an innovative, commercial-scale pilot program. Dell recycled plastics collected from waterways and beaches for use in the new packaging tray. In 2017, its ocean plastics pilot will keep 16,000 pounds of plastic from entering the ocean. 

The company will include educational information on its packaging to raise global awareness on ocean ecosystem health solutions, an area of shared interest between Dell, its Social Good Advocate, Adrian Grenier and the Lonely Whale Foundation. To help ensure the packaging does not end up back in the oceans, Dell will stamp each tray with the No. 2 recycling symbol, designating it as HDPE.

The ocean plastics supply chain process is made of multiple stages: Dell’s partners intercept ocean plastics at the source before it reaches the ocean. It then processes and refines the used plastics, mixes the ocean plastic with other recycled HDPE plastics. Finally, it moulds the resulting recycled plastic flake into new packaging trays and ship the trays for final packaging and customer delivery. 

In partnership with Adrian Grenier and the Lonely Whale Foundation, Dell has helped to increase understanding of ocean health issues, using virtual reality technology to bring people closer to the issues facing the oceans. Dell has published a white paper on sourcing strategies and plans to convene a cross-industry working group that will address ocean plastics on a global scale.


Video and press release available to download below.


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