The weekly international news publication known for its long-form journalism continues to increase its following in non-traditional media formats

London, United Kingdom - May 12th 2017 – Traditionally known for its long-form journalism, The Economist hit a milestone this week by reaching 1 million followers on Instagram, more than any other weekly or daily publication in the UK.  This comes on the heels of its recent Shorty Award win for best use of Snapchat Discover and its one year anniversary of its successful launch of Economist Films, demonstrating that more Economist fans want to digest their journalism in multiple formats.

Instagram has proved to be one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for The Economist, with engagements rising nearly 70% year-on-year.

Since its launch on Instagram two and a half years ago, The Economist’s picture desk editors, who all have different areas of expertise, post a mix of news-worthy and interest story photos each day to match The Economist’s daily news stories and longer lead articles.  Approximately 4-5 posts go up on the Instagram account each day including weekends. All photos are designed to represent the newspaper’s journalism in a different format for an increasingly broader and younger audience. 

In addition to pictures, the feed includes quotes of the day, daily charts, Kal cartoon illustrations, animated covers and #MyEconomist, which engages followers directly by asking them to send in pictures of themselves reading an Economist article.  The editors pick the most unique one of the week to post to the account. 

Snippets of Economist Films are also posted to The Economist’s Instagram page allowing followers to experience an Economist Film before deciding whether to watch the full 10-15 minute documentary located on other Economist social channels.

Community editor for The Economist, Denise Law said: "Instagram is an integral part of our strategy of reaching more globally curious readers on the platforms where they spend the bulk of their time." Law continued, "Instagram has been important in helping us showcase the breadth of our content in a visually compelling way. It has given our covers, quotes, charts and cartoons more prominence. It has also helped to show our audience around the world that we are not just a paper of record on economics and finance, but a relevant source of mind-stretching analysis on international politics, culture and science. Our Instagram account reflects the diversity of our coverage in a very compelling way that speaks to the audiences there." 

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