Yule have yet more festive joy at 31

Yule have yet more festive joy at 31

If you’re approaching your 30s and no longer experience the same playful Christmas joy as you did as a child, then the good news is that your luck is likely to change. New research commissioned by intu, the leading owner, developer and manager of prime regional shopping centres in the UK, pinpoints the age that we all enjoy Christmas the most, and on average, adults have their best Christmas at the age of 31. 

The survey, which was analysed by much-loved children's TV presenter and mathematician, Johnny Ball, polled more than 2,000 Brits about their attitudes towards the festive period. It found that on average our best ever childhood Christmas takes place at the age of nine, with receiving presents (57%), decorating the tree (46%) and Christmas dinner with the family (48%) all contributing towards a nostalgic Christmas buzz that for a lucky 24% of us never wavers.

However for more than half (56%) the nation the seasonal magic starts to wane on average at the age of 20 when family stress (33%), cost (38%) and the pressure of getting the right presents (27%) all add up to a less than joyful Christmas with many of us (55%) preferring to sleep in than get up and celebrate. 

Parenthood and having children that are old enough to enjoy Christmas is understandably a key driving factor to reigniting yuletide joy, with 84% of respondents who are parents saying that they experience the joy of Christmas through their children.