Innovative Skyroad Showcases Latest Jaguar XJ

Innovative Skyroad Showcases Latest Jaguar XJ

  • Jaguar XJ drives the Yaxi ‘Skyroad’ Expressway
  • 240km-long highway designed to optimise smooth ride and handling
  • Innovatively designed road includes 270 viaducts and 25 tunnels
  • New film shows the spectacular drive

29 March 2016: Jaguar took its latest XJ to one of the world’s most spectacular modern roads - the ‘Skyroad’ in China - to find out how innovation in road technology and design is helping to match the improving ride of modern luxury cars.

The 240km-long road, officially named the Yaxi Expressway, cost over 20bn RMB ($3bn), took five years to build and has become a tourist attraction as it snakes through spectacular scenery in Sichuan Province. 

The region - which is not only extremely mountainous but is also an active earthquake zone - required the road designers to utilise innovative thinking. Engineers solved the issue by using tunnels and viaducts to make up over half the length.

The road has halved the journey time between Chengdu and Liangshan and opened up a region of China known for its tea production as well as pottery, flowers, silk, spicy cuisine and wild pandas.




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